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Janez PODLESEK, V i o l i n
Gregor KOVAČIČ, C l a r i n e t
Ilonka PUCIHAR, P i a n o

Clavimerata can be recognized, among others, by the fact that it does not devote itself only to the traditional-classical or exclusively modern programme but is successfully occupied with performing of works from various musical periods and styles, with special care for researching the musical contents of the composition. The aesthetics of their performing surpasses ideological academic limitations, an exceptional originality and variety at the same time, however, enable them to research the sound colours and musical expressions also in combination with a singer, actor, percussion, accordion or double bass. An interesting selection of the programme of topmost artists makes possible a pleasant musical dialogue with the audience and excellent reactions at their concerts confirm it.

Clavimerata was established in 1997 under the name of Trio Mefisto. They improved their quality with acknowledged professors, such as Primož Lorenz, Primož Novšak, Henry Meyer, Martin Spangenberg, and reached an exceptional level in the field of the chamber art. They were awarded the first prize and gold medal at the competition of chamber groups »Lovec-Šcek« in Koper. They also got the Students' Prešeren Prize for musical achievements. They have presented themselves to the Slovenian audience with numerous concerts and made guest appearances in Austria, Italy, Croatia, Germany, France and Israel.
The ensemble is cooperating with renowned slovenian artists, such as: Darja Švajger, Eva Hren, Jaka Pucihar, Bojan Maroševič, Marko Hatlak, Borut Zagoranski… and strives to widen the repertoire with new compositions written for them (Golob, Pucihar, Beovič, Devjak). They recorded for the Radio Slovenia, Radio Maribor and published four CD´s (A Soldier´s Tale, Um a Zero, Clavimerata, Slowenian Way). For the recording of Pucihar´s Three for Trio they where awarded with the first prize at International recording competition Taktons.

Janez PODLESEK, V i o l i n
He took his degree at the Ljubljana Music Academy with Prof. Primož Novšak. He is a winner of a number of prizes at home and abroad. For musical achievements he got Škerjanc Prize and two Students' Prešeren Prizes. He improved himself with renowned pedagogues, such as Leonid Sorokov, Helfried Fister, Ilan Gronich and Tomaž Lorenz. He is Concertmaster of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, Professor at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and at the Ljubljana Music Academy. As a soloist and as a member of various chamber groups he performs at home and abroad.

Gregor KOVAČIČ, C l a r i n e t
He started studying clarinet with his father and finished it at the Ljubljana Music Academy. He improved himself with Prof. Kalmen Opperman in New York and was invited by L´Academie musicale de Villecroze to work with Paul Meyer and Michel Portal. He took part in mastercourses led by Richard Stoltzman, Antony Pay and Jacques Di Donato. He was member of the Maribor Opera and Maribor Philharmonic Orchestra. As a soloist and as a member of various European Youth Orchestras and chamber ensembles he has performed throughout Slovenia, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and North America. He finished his Masters for conducting at Maastricht Academy of Music (Holland).

Ilonka PUCIHAR, P i a n o  
She took her degree at the Ljubljana Music Academy with Prof. Tatjana Ognjanovič. As a soloist she concluded her studies of the piano accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the RTV Slovenia and performed in the subscription cycle of concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of the Maribor Philharmonic Society. As a member of various chamber groups she has played throughout Slovenia and as a guest in Germany, Austria, France, Israel, Spain and the Netherlands. She is devoting herself to make her influence felt as a pedagogue. She has diplome from Willams pedagogy and is co-author of piano books ˝ My Friend Piano˝. She had lectures about piano pedagogy in Slovenia, U.S.A., Switzerland and Serbia.